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We are offering seven Lisa Mason books NEWLY REISSUED IN PRINT. Order these Print On Demand directly from the Printer as detailed above and receive your Certified Reseller’s discount:

Summer of Love
“Clear-sighted, witty, and wise”
A Philip K. Dick Award Finalist
A San Francisco Chronicle Recommended Book
ISBN 978-1548106119

The Gilded Age
A New York Times Notable Book
A New York Public Library Recommended Book
ISBN 978-1975853174

The Garden of Abracadabra
“Very entertaining urban fantasy.”
ISBN 978-1978148291

One Day in the Life of Alexa
“An appealing narrator and subtly powerful emotional rhythms”
ISBN 978-1546783091

Strange Ladies: 7 Stories
“A must-read collection” The San Francisco Review of Books
ISBN 978-1981104383

“Powerful . . . Entertaining . . . Imaginative”
—People Magazine
Locus Hardcover Bestseller
ISBN 978-1984356024

“Mason’s endearing characters and their absorbing adventures will hook even the most jaded SF fan”
Sequel to Arachne
ISBN 978-1984356949


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