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lisaoncouchBorn and raised in the Buckeye State of Ohio, Iím a Phi Beta Scholar and a graduate of the University of Michigan, College of Literature, Sciences, and the Arts, and the University of Michigan Law School.

I lived seven long years in Ann Arbor, a lovely little campus town. There I had my share of life, learning, and love. I remember the day in late March when Iíd just won a job offer from a Big Ten law firm in San Francisco. I was gazing out my bedroom window at a fresh snowfall. The lawn, blanketed in icy white, was beautiful and still, not yet sullied by boot prints, paw prints, or car exhaust. And I thought, ďDamn, I'm glad Iím going to The Golden State where it never snows!Ē

In San Francisco, I practiced law at the Big Ten law firm, then moved on to become a legal writer, editor, publication manager, and executive editor at a national law book publisher. Why leave a lucrative legal practice? The time and mental demands were just too overwhelming. Since I was a child, Iíd written fantasy fiction. I believed that was my true calling in life. But Iíd never have the time to discover if I could succeed at writing or to work at my craft if I stayed in a punishing seventy-hour-a-week job.

My position in legal publishing was demanding, too, but nowhere near as difficult. Iíd walk to the day job, walk home (I always walk to the job from my home), prepare dinner for my family, and get to work. Work was researching, soul-searching, plotting, writing, reading stories and novels that would influence me well and inform me what other authors were up to, finishing projects, and mailing them out. I suffered sleep deprivation for more years than I care to say.


 lisainpinkAfter publishing my first story in Omni Magazine and going on to publish two dozen stories in magazines and anthologies worldwide, publishing my first novel, securing a movie option, and developing legal software, I took the plunge and went freelance, supplemented at first by consulting work with the law book publisher.


It's been a long journey since then, fraught with elation, victory, peril, disappointment, deaths in the family, and a great deal of satisfaction.


And here I am after all these years, my friends, still striving to bring you new quality stories and books with a heart, a mind, and a soul. Thanks to Bast Books, I've moved most of my back list onto all of the Internet booksellers, all links, all readers, worldwide.


Though I still have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to traditional publishing!


Check out my new story, "Teardrop," published in the May-June 2015 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, the most respected genremagazine continuously published since 1949. Stephen King has published many stories there.


And in the November-December 2015 issue, I published "Tomorrow is a Lovely Day." Just before Thanksgiving 2015, I sold "Anything For You," which has been published in the 2016 September-October Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.


New books and stories are in the works!


I now live a very private, productive life in The Golden State with my brilliant, handsome, and talented husband, Tom Robinson, the renowned artist and bespoke jeweler. Here's a photo of us a few years ago when we lived on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood.



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