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The HUGE NEWS is that Bast Books' PRINT PROJECT is well underway. Now in Print: Summer of Love, The Gilded Age, The Garden of Abracadabra, Arachne, Cyberweb, One Day in the Life of Alexa, and Strange Ladies: 7 Stories. To learn how to order a beautiful trade paperback on or at Barnes and Noble, go to the pages for those books. To request your own signed copy TODAY, check out Bast Books for ordering information.

Other books destined to appear on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, and in your local bookstore in the next months? Celestial Girl: A Lily Modjeska Mystery and Tesla, A Screenplay.

Oddities, a second story collection of previously published and new short fiction is forthcoming. I don't want to announce a publication date until we're well along on the project.

Plus a new high-concept science fiction novel is nearly done. And a dark modern fantasy is in progress. And a near-future gritty YA. And half a dozen new stories. But one at a time!

Suzanna Moore reports that Eon's Embrace, Book 2 of the Eon Trilogy, is in the works.

Also forthcoming! The Labyrinth of Illusions, Book 2 of the Abracadabra Series. The bestselling modern fantasy starring magician and magic college student Abby Teller will continue. The third book, to wrap up the trilogy, will be The Shadows of Illyrium.

Plus we'll be working on uploading my last two backlist books, Pangaea I and Pangaea II, into ebooks. Then into print!

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