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Bast Collectible Books offers a short but growing list of signed first editions and other collectible books.

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The Beat poetry books are from the private collection of a well-known artist who was attending the San Francisco Art Institute in the late Seventies when the most famous Beat poets lived in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood or made the pilgrimage there often. The poets signed their books for his collection.

Other selections are from private book collectors with extensive collections who are willing to part with a few rare books.

We’ll be offering more selected titles as we scout them out and acquire them.

Coming soon! A rare, first 1967 edition of the late, great Lenore Kandel's Love Book, the slim Beat poetry volume that shut down City Lights Bookstore for purveying pornography, and a mint-condition signed first edition hardcover of Earth by the acclaimed science fiction author, David Brin. First City Lights editions of poetry by Bob Kaufman and Philip Lamantia are also forthcoming.

The Essential Ellison/Harlan Ellison SIGNED 1987 1st Edition Hardcover from The Nemo Press/Fifty short years of short stories, photographs, line drawings by Ellison, 1,019 pages.
$ 175.00 plus $ 15.00 shipping and handling.

Naked Lunch/William S. Burroughs/SIGNED IN BALLPOINT William Burroughs/First Evergreen Black Cat Edition Fourteenth Printing 1980/Like New/“This book is utterly without socially redeeming value.” The U.S. Supreme Court
$ 85.00

Junky/William S. Burroughs/Hard to find SIGNED IN BALLPOINT/1979 Penguin Books Edition/Like New/“This book may appeal to deviants and those curious about deviants.” The U.S. Supreme Court
$ 95.00

The Soft Machine/Nova Express/The Wild Boys/William S. Burroughs/Hard to find SIGNED IN BALLPOINT/First Black Cat Edition 1980 Like New/“Three controversial books portraying the hallucinations of a drug addict.”
$ 120.00

Planet News/Allen Ginsberg/SIGNED IN FOUNTAIN PEN City Lights First Edition 1968 Some soiling on cover, slightly worn “You can never escape the past in Paris.” Allen Ginsberg
$ 80.00

Shakespeare Never Did This/Charles Bukowski/Photographer Michael Montfort/1979 City Lights 1st Edition Hardcover Beautifully SIGNED by BOTH THE AUTHOR & THE PHOTOGRAPHER Slight wear at cover corners, inside pages like new, no dust jacket/Here’s lookin’ at ya, Barfly!
$ 250.00

SOLD! VAN GOGH/Very good condition, cloth-bound, heavy boards, 1953 Albert Skira (published in Switzerland) 1st Edition. 56 full-color tipped-in plates. No dust jacket, but in good slip case/7 by 7 inches
$ 30.00

SOLD! Lust for Life/Irving Stone/1937 Edition SIGNED IN BALLPOINT/For a hundred million dollars, I’d cut my ear off, too.
$ 55.00

Sarah Canary/Karen Joy Fowler/1991 1st Edition Hardcover/SIGNED TO THE AUTHOR LISA MASON/Fowler’s first novel.
$ 35.00

SOLD! The Philosophy of Andy Warhol/Andy Warhol/SIGNED 1975 1st Edition Hardcover/”Everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.” Andy Warhol
$ 100.00

Joe Tilden’s Recipes for Epicures/1907 1st Edition/Beautiful embossed cover and interior illustrations/ Mint condition!/For the celebrity chef on your guest list
$ 150.00

My Story/Uri Geller SIGNED 1975 1st Edition/He’s got nothing up his sleeve.
$ 30.00

The Golden Dawn/Israel Regardie/Full color hardback cover/Gorgeously SIGNED by Israel Regardie on inside flyleaf/1982 Edition/A must-have for every practicing magician.
$ 250.00

The Wayward Bus/John Steinbeck/1947 Edition/Good condition, no dust jacket/The New York literary establishment ignored Steinbeck because he was a west coast writer.
$ 35.00

Cannery Row/John Steinbeck/1946 Edition/Good condition, no dust jacket/The New York literary establishment tried to deny Steinbeck his Pulitzer Prize because he was a west coast writer.
$ 45.00

The Agony and the Ecstasy/Irving Stone/SIGNED 1961 Edition/Why your child really should study computer technology instead of art.
$ 50.00


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